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Our vision is to help you, our clients, to overcome competition, especially in the area of ​​improving the performance, efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly challenging market environment.

Our service is very complex, based on the latest findings and trends, which we adapt to the requirements of our business partners and clients. It also comprises specific areas of your business, allowing you, our customer, to focus and develop your business activities.

In the area of lean manufacturing, we offer companies solution projects that help them increase competitiveness in today’s global market. We are able to convert principles of lean manufacturing accordingly to TOYOTA model as a complex cycle throughout the company. We are convinced that this philosophy helps to employ synergies and achieve results.

Our main goal and service offered is business performance increase. Performance of your company can be increased by means of new products development, productivity increase but also by continuous improvement at all levels of your company.

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A professional is arranged to work in a client’s company for a fixed period of time. Interim manager is in charge of all processes within the company or entrusted department. Alternatively, based on agreement with our client, he focusses on a particular specialized objective – retail, recruitment, production management, purchase.

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We offer concept processing in the area of development of your company and employee groups, training and development plans processing of your employees.

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We offer management of projects by our qualified project manager. The advantage of such service is that our manager is not busy with daily processes.

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