Project management

Project management

We offer management of projects by our qualified project manager. The advantage of such service is that our manager is not busy with daily processes. Our project managers have experience with the management of individual projects and experience in project management both in local as well as international environment.

As a result of experience, our managers quickly adapt to a new environment.

  • Progress and unusual solutions
  • Possibility of education and coaching of project managers in your company
  • Guaranteed successful project management with the achievement of results
  • Possibility of using managerial capacity with facilities and support of our company
  • Faster adoption of changes due to no relation to corporate culture and relationships

In case your company would like to introduce project management and change management we can provide know-how for successful implementation of the whole system with minimal administrative burden.

  • Customer’s demand
  • Meeting attended by project manager (consultant, businessman) from our company
  • The definition of customer requirements
  • Definition of measurable outputs
  • Definition of individual steps
  • Definition of powers and responsibilities of consultants, project managers, Interim Manager providedto the customer
  • Contact person of the customer and our company as a supplier
  • Communication method
  • Reporting method
  • The process of change proposal
  • Project results and outcomes presentation method
  • Power of attorney in the case that the customer is represented externally – communication withauthorities and external bodies
  • Preparation and signature of a contract
  • Interim results reporting in accordance with work schedule (project milestones), information regarding potential risks, problems if present in the project
  • Project administration
  • We will take over responsibility for the project and all operational and administrative activities associated with it
  • We guarantee a successful implementation of the proposed procedures into practice and savings that arise from them
  • We guarantee permanent savings resulting from the proposed changes – up to 40% according to the type of the project
  • We guarantee your investment return already during the course of the project
  • We will provide you a qualified Interim Manager (consultant, project manager or team specialist) who has extensive experience and proven results in the entrusted area
  • You will gain know-how that we will pass on to your staff by systematic training
  • We are able to provide outsourcing according to agreement so that you do not have to look for your own specialists and dismiss them after the project is closed
  • We help you build a position of stable employer
  • Instant overview of the project status
  • Implementation and realization of change effectivity improvement
  • Improvement of employee awareness about projects and changes by up to 100%
  • Greater involvement of employees in company projects and changes
  • Control and audit implementation system
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