Lean Manufacturing

In the area of lean manufacturing, we offer companies solution projects that help them increase competitiveness in today’s global market. We are able to convert principles of lean manufacturing accordingly to TOYOTA model as a complex cycle throughout the company. We are convinced that this philosophy helps to employ synergies and achieve results.

In our projects, we use the principles of “Lean production” (lean manufacturing, lean company). This means that we try to eliminate or minimize any activities that are not related to creating value for the customer.

Projects implemented for our customers are based on the following connection:

Productivity – Innovation – Minimization of support activities not related to value creation

Our main goal and service offered is business performance increase.

Performance of your company can be increased by means of new products development, productivity increase but also by continuous improvement at all levels of your company.

It’s a way to achieve long-term sustainable results.

The pro-growth orientation of the company, which leads to competitiveness in the global market

Lean company setting

Productivity increase in all areas

Supportive activities costs minimization

Cost reduction due to adjustment tools of lean production (the key to your company)

Reducing costs during changes implementation, so called readiness for change

Trained staff

Qualified consultants, trainers, advisors who are able to work as consultants, project managers, project team members, interim managers

How do we work?

We define the state of a company and together with its management (owner) define the requirements and Action Plan(s) under which changes will be implemented.

The Action Plan includes also clear benefits for business brought by given change.
Within the audit, we always deal with the company as whole unless the customer requires differently.

In order to find weak points within your company, we evaluate processes, structure, economics, etc. The goal is an objective analysis of the company as usually, each member of management looks at the problematic issues from a different angle.

Changes are put into practice in several ways:

Project Team – for each particular project a project team is selected depending on the nature of the project. Our company will supply the project manager or project team members. Each project has a defined measurable goal. The project implementation is based on DMAIC method. The project usually stretches from 6 to 12 months depending on the audit and agreement with the customer.

Coaching – we realize the couching of your employees, who then will manage projects, teams, changes. Each coaching has set a measurable outcome.

Action changes – are usually carried out in the form of workshops and discussions of employees and our consultants. This method allows a very quick implementation of changes sometimes even before the workshop starts. Workshops usually last for up to 1 working week and are very intensive. By the end of the workshop, a realistic outcome and benefits are presented.

Education and training – depending on the agreement with the customer all activities are supported by education and training (usually at company’s premises). Realization of these trainings is based on based on our own method targeted on practical execution of all activities directly with the instructor. We also use our own method for learning new things.

We evaluate benefits and achieved results in defined areas. We measure the company’s performance (process performance).
We verify settings of a continuous improvement. Usually, we also define new goals with company management.

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